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Internships Bright Renewables

Netherlands, Overijssel, EnschedeInternships

Job description

For the Bright Renewables engineering department we are looking for interns! The following internships / graduation assignments are available. Apply using the apply button and select the (graduation) internship you are interested in.

Optimisation Biogas Upgrading

Suitable only for Master Students

During this internship you will further develop a membranes model and optimization function. Depending on the local regulations and energy cost the optimal configuration of membranes and operating conditions might differ. Therefore, the consideration between electricity consumption (OPEX) and the number of membranes (CAPEX) is dependent on local market conditions. Based on several case studies you will be asked to find the optimal configuration based on multiple sets of boundary conditions.

Your tasks:

  • Further development of a python-based membrane model;
  • Combine the membrane model with equipment in a process simulation;
  • Definition of the optimalisation function for OPEX and/or CAPEX;
  • Optimisation of membrane configuration for different case studies
  • Study energy reduction by equipment selection. E.g. reduce pressures drop and study efficiency of electromotor and frequency drive.

Biomethane Polishing to Bio-LNG 

Suitable for Master and Bachelor Students

During this internship your task is to plan and execute the experimental program of our biomethane polishing / bioLNG pilot plant. This unique opportunity is a dive into the deep end at Bright. As an intern you will take the lead in monitoring and further developing the Biomethane Polishing Unit. Later on, you will continue to optimise the process, until everything is working properly and efficiently. During this process you get full creative and innovative freedom, looking for the answers to the questions you get during the research.

Your tasks:

  • Executing pilot testing;
  • Planning and performing experimental work;
  • Processing and analysis of experimental data;
  • Recommendations of improvement;
  • Depending on time available, modelling of the system in Aspen Adsorption or python.

Biomethane Liquefaction Optimalisation 

Suitable only for Master Students

Bright is producing installations for liquefaction of biomethane to BioLNG. During this internship you will start collecting data from literature on methane (LNG) liquefaction systems to benchmark Bright technology. For optimalisation purposes a process model will be constructed in Aspen Hysys. With the help of the model the electricity consumption (OPEX) and the equipment required (CAPEX) will be optimized.

Your tasks:

  • Literature study on liquefaction processes and equipment;
  • Construct a process model in Aspen Hysys;
  • Determine and optimise the energy requirement: OPEX optimalisation;
  • Minimise the required equipment and complexity of the process: CAPEX optimalisation.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for CO2 Liquefaction

Suitable only for Bachelor Students

Bright has developed technology for liquefaction CO2 from biogas upgrading or carbon capture installations. The first installation is installed and currently in start-up phase. During this internship you will monitor the installation and improve (energy) efficiency. The main goal is to measure and improve key performance indicators (KPI) for the liquefaction installation. For KPI, you can think about specific energy consumption, heat losses and noise emissions.

Your tasks:

  • Monitoring and analysis of plant data;
  • Recommendations of improvement;
  • Test plan proposal; 
  • Execution of (small) experiments, e.g. measuring noise emissions on site.

Job requirements

Who are you?

  • BSc / MSc in Chemical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Sustainable Energy;
  • Interested in sustainable energy technology;
  • Plan-minded and independent worker.

What do we offer?

  • Working at the technology forefront of the energy transition;
  • Groundbreaking tech company in the field of biofuels, carbon capture and thermal conversion;
  • Minimum wage based on 40 hours per week for interns with an EU working license / Monthly fixed fee of € 400 based on 40 hours per week for students without an EU working license. Please note: it depends on your type of internship at HoSt which fee you receive;
  • Lots of responsibility and room for own initiatives;
  • Professional support, guidance and insights;
  • Interesting international environment only a 5-minute walk from the ‘Kennispark’ train station in Enschede;
  • Nice and sustainable welcome gift;
  • A dynamic, energetic, passionate young team;
  • Flexibility in working from home / office.


Please apply using the apply button. General questions can be addressed to Mariëtte Huis in `t Veld, internship coordinator at For questions and more details about the internship please contact Martin Bos (Hiring Manager) on +31 (0) 53 - 460 90 80.

Netherlands, Overijssel, Enschede

About HoSt Group

Realising the greatest challenge we have ever known: the energy transition. That's what we do at the HoSt Group. With a strong and talented team, a deeply rooted entrepreneurial culture, innovative technologies and the many international successes and milestones, we are making this transition possible. Our team of over 375 employees, spread across 7 countries and with offices in the US and Europe, is committed to technological solutions and innovations for renewable energy worldwide and is dedicated to achieving sustainability ambitions.

HoSt Group is a large family company and came into existence in 1991 as a result of the joint-venture between Holec Projects and Stork, two well-established suppliers of energy systems. HoSt has grown into a global industry-leader in the field of technology to transform waste into bioenergy and valuable end-products. We engineer, build, and maintain bioenergy systems producing sustainable energy and valuable end-products from residual streams, striving to a zero-waste society.