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Internships at HoSt Group

Your internship at HoSt Group starts here!

We look forward to receiving your application for one of our available internships for the first half of 2023. Doing an internship at the HoSt Group gives you the best opportunity to gain valuable work experience, put your knowledge into practice and work together with our highly motivated bioenergy experts to drive the energy transition. See you soon at HoSt!

Our available internships / graduation assignments

Optimisation Emissions of a Biomass-fired Plant

Characterisation of Fuels in a Biomass-fired Plant

Development of a Plant Monitor in a Biomass-fired Plant

Mass and Energy Balance of the TDH

Removing/Washing VOCs from Biogas

Syngas Cleaning

Advanced Climate control system

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for CO2 Liquefaction

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Thermal Technology

Bright Renewables

Research & Development Technology

Anaerobic Digestion