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Internships Biogas

  • Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands

Job description

For the R&D Biogas engineering department we are looking for interns! The following internships / graduation assignments are available. Apply using the apply button and select the (graduation) internship you are interested in.

H2S removal system from biogas

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process in which organic feedstock is converted into biogas. The biogas mainly consists of CH4 and CO2, but also small concentrations of other gasses can be present. This internship focusses on H2S specifically. Only a very small concentration of H2S in the biomethane when delivered to the grid. The ‘gatekeeper’ for H2S is activated carbon, this material adsorbs the H2S. This is however a quite costly intervention. A cheaper ‘first line of defense’ is a net inside the digester. On this net micro-organisms grow, which can use oxygen to convert H2S into elementary sulfur, which drops to the bottom of the tank. Currently HoSt installs a single net inside the tank, but wants to research if and how this system could be improved. Could we use a small, dedicated reactor (vessel) for biological desulphurization? Lets build and test.

Your tasks:

  • Literature study on biological desulphurization (using oxygen) and fouling tendencies;
  • Design of dedicated biological desulphurization reaction vessel;
  • Building and commissioning of test setup;
  • Performing tests on test setup.

Standardisation research control

Within the Control and Automation department, you will research and set up the basis for standardisation of control panels for Biogas digesters. The control system of the Biogas installation should be modular and scalable. You research and record what is always in the basis and what are options or extensions. You will also look for optimal choice direction, looking at: costs for control panels, cabling and reduction of commissioning hours on site. You will determine and describe the macros for the controlled equipment and instrumentation.

Your tasks:

  • Study the existing situation; 
  • Research options for expansions; 
  • Investigate optimum choice; 
  • Description of macros for controlled equipment and instrumentation.

Job requirements

Who are you?

  • BSc / MSc in Chemical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Sustainable Energy; Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics;
  • Interested in sustainable energy technology;
  • Plan-minded and independent worker.

What do we offer?

  • Working at the technology forefront of the energy transition;
  • Groundbreaking tech company in the field of biofuels, carbon capture and thermal conversion;
  • Minimum wage based on 40 hours per week for interns with an EU working license / Monthly fixed fee of € 400 based on 40 hours per week for students without an EU working license. Please note: it depends on your type of internship at HoSt which fee you receive;
  • Lots of responsibility and room for own initiatives;
  • Professional support, guidance and insights;
  • Interesting international environment only a 5-minute walk from the ‘Kennispark’ train station in Enschede;
  • Nice and sustainable welcome gift;
  • A dynamic, energetic, passionate young team;
  • Flexibility in working from home / office.


Please apply using the apply button. General questions can be addressed to Mariëtte Huis in `t Veld, internship coordinator at internship@host.nl. For questions and more details about the internship please contact Thomas Brouwer(Hiring Manager) on +31 (0) 53 - 460 90 80.

  • Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands


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