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Internships R&D Biogas

Enschede, Overijssel, NetherlandsInternships

Job description

For the R&D Biogas engineering department we are looking for interns! The following internships / graduation assignments are available. Apply using the apply button and select the (graduation) internship you are interested in.

Testing of Ammonium stripper system

HoSt has always been on the technological frontier of converting organic waste into bioenergy. Not only do we sell these systems, we also exploit them ourselves. In this way, we can continuously innovate. In our manure digester in Marrum, The Netherlands, we are constructing a new nitrogen stripper system. This stripper system will constantly remove ammonia from our digester system which allows us to feed more nitrogen rich feedstocks. Not only is this a next step in processes manure, it lowers the nitrogen emissions and produces bio-fertilizers. In this internship, you will help to test the new system and help understanding the system and improve upon the system.

Your tasks:

  • Understand the process of ammonium stripping;
  • Coorporate with the operators to optimally operate the ammonium stripper system;
  • Critically assess the designed stripper system, (e.g. heat integration);
  • Present your improvement strategy to HoSt.

Simulation of Carbon Capture under Dynamic Conditions

Bright Renewables has a brand-new system which can capture CO2 from point sources. These point sources can be flue gasses from Combined Heat and Power installations, but also other processes. This system is enterely simulated in Aspen Hysys to understand the behaviour of the system. During this internship, we go one step further. How does our system cope with dynamic loads. For instance, a fluctuation in CO2 concentration, in temperature (outside and inside), etc..

Your tasks:

  • Background information about dynamic process and control; 
  • Aspen Hysys simulation set-up;
  • Simulate and understand the effect of dynamic external effects;
  • Give a clear advice for Bright Renewables how to deal with these effects.

Job requirements

Who are you?

  • BSc / MSc in Chemical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Sustainable Energy;
  • Interested in sustainable energy technology;
  • Plan-minded and independent worker.

What do we offer?

  • Working at the technology forefront of the energy transition;
  • Groundbreaking tech company in the field of biofuels, carbon capture and thermal conversion;
  • Minimum wage based on 40 hours per week for interns with an EU working license / Monthly fixed fee of € 400 based on 40 hours per week for students without an EU working license. Please note: it depends on your type of internship at HoSt which fee you receive;
  • Lots of responsibility and room for own initiatives;
  • Professional support, guidance and insights;
  • Interesting international environment only a 5-minute walk from the ‘Kennispark’ train station in Enschede;
  • Nice and sustainable welcome gift;
  • A dynamic, energetic, passionate young team;
  • Flexibility in working from home / office.


Please apply using the apply button. General questions can be addressed to Mariëtte Huis in `t Veld, internship coordinator at For questions and more details about the internship please contact Thomas Brouwer (Hiring Manager) on +31 (0) 53 - 460 90 80.

Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands

About HoSt Group

Realising the greatest challenge we have ever known: the energy transition. That's what we do at the HoSt Group. With a strong and talented team, a deeply rooted entrepreneurial culture, innovative technologies and the many international successes and milestones, we are making this transition possible. Our team of over 375 employees, spread across 7 countries and with offices in the US and Europe, is committed to technological solutions and innovations for renewable energy worldwide and is dedicated to achieving sustainability ambitions.

HoSt Group is a large family company and came into existence in 1991 as a result of the joint-venture between Holec Projects and Stork, two well-established suppliers of energy systems. HoSt has grown into a global industry-leader in the field of technology to transform waste into bioenergy and valuable end-products. We engineer, build, and maintain bioenergy systems producing sustainable energy and valuable end-products from residual streams, striving to a zero-waste society.